The Shane Dawson & Jeffree Star ‘Conspiracy’ Collection… What We Know So Far!


Episodes 1 & 2 of the much anticipated Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star collaboration series has hit YouTube and it’s already as exciting and fascinating as we hoped! This is the second series that the YouTube stars have created together. They had major success with ‘The Secret Life of Jeffree Star’ in 2018 and are back with a new series about the creation of a makeup collection.

Shane Dawson has entered the beauty world to show what it’s really like behind the scenes of all your favorite gurus, brands and products. He is creating his own collection which we know so far will include an eye shadow palette, liquid lipsticks and at least one non makeup item (a pig shaped hand held mirror, much like Jeffree’s iconic star mirror). There is also a mention of merch separate from Jeffree’s site for Shane to be creative and offer items like “bath robes and slime.”


The mirror was seen briefly in the design phase during the new series trailer and then again on Jeffree’s instagram stories.

In episode 2 entitled “The Secrets of the Beauty World,” Shane and Jeffree sit down to discuss shade names for his palette. They seem to settle on a conspiracy theme and brainstorm possible names, one of which is “IlluminaTEA” and another being “Conspiracy.”  Possible shade names for this palette will be “My Pills”, “My Uber’s Here”, “Tanacon”, “Sleep Paralysis”, “Ranch”, “Root Beer”, “Cheeto Dust”, “Oink”, “Conspiracy” and “Trish.”


The Liquid Lipstick shade names will be “Oh My God”, “Are You Filming”, “Shane”, “Ryland”, “Jeffree What the F***” and “I Gotta Go.”

Will you be purchasing from Shane’s collection? What products are you excited to see?


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