Jaclyn Hill Finally Responds to Lipstick Launch Backlash!

Just in case you have been living under a rock for the past couple weeks, let me fill you in on the drama! YouTube star Jaclyn Hill launched her very first line of lipsticks on May 30th, 2019 for her new cosmetics company: Jaclyn Cosmetics, and to say the least you guys… it didn’t go well.

Soon after the launch social media exploded with photos of damaged lipsticks. Some had small holes, some had white “fuzzy” fibers stuck to them and many of them were found partially melted upon delivery.

At first many (including myself) assumed the internet world was being hard on Jaclyn since she is a highly scrutinized Beauty Guru/ Public Figure. It’s natural for there to be haters who are looking for something to complain about. (Especially considering how many years she claims to have been working on her makeup brand.) However the evidence just kept coming and Jaclyn was no where to be found.

She just wasn’t addressing the issue and rumors were starting to run wild… until Wednesday June 12th that is! Finally Jaclyn has published a video to her channel addressing all the concerns and complaints and while that is definitely a step in the right direction, her followers were not happy about her attitude in the video. Jaclyn had plenty of receipts to throw in her customers faces to assure them that her products were safe and, while she repeated that she took full responsibility, it wasn’t really her fault. Here is her explanation for the main complaints that the company  has been receiving.

The Fuzz: 
Many of Jaclyn’s lipsticks were delivered to customers with small white fibers stuck to the lipstick. Jac says this is from special cotton gloves that the factory workers were wearing while packaging the products as to not smudge her beautiful silvery containers that hold the lipstick itself.

Mysterious Black Holes:
The internet star explained that these small unpleasant looking holes were simply air bubbles that formed during production when the lipsticks cooled too quickly.

Another issue that was chalked up to temperature changes was the melting problem. Jaclyn said that 80% of the complaints she received were about lipsticks arriving slightly melted. She said that this is simply due to it being hot outside especially in areas of the country that are a warmer climate year round. She said this problem would be solved if customers allowed their lipsticks to cool off inside before trying to apply them.

Jaclyn also mentioned that due to the manufacturing of so many products so quickly, not all of the ingredients broke down and smoothed out the way they were supposed to. This caused grittiness in some costumers lipsticks. She maintains that they will still work just fine but she will give full refunds and new lipstick to anyone that contacts her support team about any of these issues.

Finally Jac also put a rest to the rumor that these lipsticks were old and expired. She has said on several occasions that she has been working on her formula and cosmetics brand for years, which led some to believe that she was selling old lipsticks. She stated that the lipsticks were produced the same month that they launched and that all of her lipsticks are FDA approved and 100% safe to use.

If you want to read more about the damaged lipsticks you can watch the video below and/or  check out Jaclyn Cosmetics Customer Service section on the website.


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