Disney’s Briar Rose Gold Collection Sneak Peek!

Do you love everything “Rose Gold?” Do you love Sleeping Beauty? Do dream of being a Disney Princess? Well… if you answered yes to any of those questions I have great news for you! Launching at the Walt Disney World parks on April 1st is the new “Briar Rose Gold Collection.” The collection will consist of a Briar Rose Gold Minnie Mouse ear headband, Spirit Jersey, tumbler, phone case and more!

The only downside is that the new Briar Rose Gold Minnie Ears look a lot like the original Rose Gold Minnie Ears… so if you want the original style you’ll have to hurry up and get a pair by the end of March because they will disappear from the parks after that. (Although you may be able to find them at outlet stores that carry the out of season and discontinued Disney products!)

All I know is that I need that Fantasyland tumbler and I need it now.


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