10 Romantic Things To Do At Walt Disney World

My brother recently told me that he wants to plan a trip to Disney World with his girlfriend so naturally he came to me for planning advice and information. In case you didn’t know… I am a Disney freak. While I live in Maryland and only have a few Disney World vacations under my belt, I have a plethora of knowledge about the parks and vacationing there. I read the blogs, I watch the youtubes, I listen to the podcasts. I spend far too much of my life acquiring Disney knowledge.

After giving him resort suggestions, pricing and fast past advice he asked me a question I wasn’t prepared to answer. What are some “date like” or romantic things to do while on vacation at Walt Disney World? I didn’t think it would be a tough question to answer because lets be real… a trip to Disney without kids is romantic in itself in my opinion! Everything you do and everywhere you go is so magical already but he wanted to know more so I spent a little time thinking and surfing the Disney website for ideas. Aaaaaand here they are:

1.) A horse-drawn carriage ride at Port Orleans Riverside Resort. Some people may not think to visit the on property resorts that they aren’t actually staying in but it can be a lot of fun. Each resort has something special to offer and you don’t even need to be staying there to enjoy it. I’m pretty sure you can find these carriage rides at a couple of other locations at Disney but Port Orleans would be my best bet. The scenery at this resort is BEAUTIFUL. I stayed here when I took my son to Disney a few years ago and my mother stays at this resort every time she goes. These are $55 and I would call ahead to make a reservation. Easily found on the Disney World Vacation website.

2.) Take a boat ride to Disney Springs. While you happen to be at the Port Orleans resort, take their boat over to Disney Springs. The ride is free, relaxing and beautiful. Once you are there I have some fun options of things to do there as well!

3.) Go Bowling at Splitsville Luxury Lanes! You can go bowling anywhere that is true, but this place is pretty awesome. Eat, drink, bowl and have a fun date night/evening. It might be a good way to get a break from the busy theme parks. The pricing varies but from what I see on the website it’s about $22 per person for an hour of bowling. Don’t quote me on that one, make sure you check the website but that should give you an estimate of the cost.

4.) Have a nice dinner. This you can do pretty much anywhere in Disney. There are amazing restaurants in every park and resort. Whatever your taste you can find it. From fancy fine dining to spectacular themed restaurants, there is something for everyone.

5.) Fireworks. Again something you can do any of the theme parks, but to make it extra special head over to the Polynesian Resort. You can grab a hammock on the beach and watch the Happily Ever After Fireworks at the Magic Kingdom. This is a great way to snuggle while you watch the show and avoid the huge crowds at the park.

6.) Get a couple’s massage at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel. These are a bit pricey coming in at about $270. However if you’re able to splurge on such things this makes a very romantic way to relax and get pampered with your significant other.

7.) Have breakfast in bed at your resort. (Maybe with some mimosas!) Go with the flow and don’t rush to the parks first thing in the morning, instead have a leisurely morning enjoying room service breakfast in bed with your partner before starting your day.

8.) Find your Disney alter-ego couple and go meet them! Aladdin and Jasmine, Belle and the Beast. Do a meet and greet with your favorite characters that remind you of each other. (This one may not be for everyone, but if you like to joke about how you are like a Disney couple or have Disney pet names for each other… this one can be super sweet.)

9.) Watch a movie under the stars! Most (if not all) of the Disney resorts have movie nights in which guests can gather outside of their hotel to watch a movie on a big inflatable screen!

10.) Dinner and a show! There are several of these to choose from but for example at the Polynesian Resort there is the Disney’s Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show. A great way to spend some quality time taking in culture and enjoying a nice meal.

Like I said pretty much anything you do at Disney is magical and can be romantic. So in addition to the list I’ve put together some “magical moments” that you can create while out and about at Disney. Bonus Time!

1.) When you see a Disney Photographer, get your picture taken. Even if you don’t have the “memory maker” included in your package deal, ask the photographer to take a photo with your cell phone or personal camera. They will do it. Get photos of you kissing at your favorite photo spots.

2.) Ask the Dapper Dans to sing to your partner. (Not while they are already performing obviously) I hear they just might serenade your lady. You can pretty much get the help of any Disney employee to create a special moment for you and your significant other. All you have to do is ask!

3.) Try to get ride photos of you kissing. At the top of Splash Mountain or any other ride that snaps a photo. Sounds like a fun challenge to me!


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