I Joined LimeLight by Alcone!

I did a thing! So I thought this might be something good to share on here since I haven’t posted in almost 2 months again because I am horrible about time management. 😀

So what did I do?? I joined a company called LimeLight by Alcone. Yes yes… it is a direct sales company comparable to ones like Avon or Younique. Which are companies I actually looked at before deciding on LimeLight. This one is relatively new and small which I like because I feel like it allows more room for growth. (And boy is this company growing fast. We’re going global!) Here’s a quick description from the website:

“Incredible makeup and skin care for everyone…

At LimeLight, we empower people to achieve their goals and dreams and to inspire others to do the same. Our family-owned company was founded in 1952 to provide professional makeup to the stage and film industry. Now we are expanding our reach to help women everywhere look their best every day with our all natural skincare line and personalized makeup palettes.”

The things that sold me on this was 2 things…. I tried out some samples of the skin care and I loved the products right away, the second is that everything is cruelty free. Since joining I’ve purchased…. quite a bit. Right now yes I am definitely my best customer. I am obsessed with the skin care products, I’m obsessed with the eye shadows and enduring lip colors and the brushes and I just could go on all day.

Not only do I think I picked a good company based on all of the freaking amazing products… but I have such a cool team of ladies that I talk to every day. I didn’t just blindly join, I have a group of inspirational women guiding me every step of the way. There’s no drama or competition, it’s all just awesome women supporting each other.

I started a Facebook Group in which I post special offers, giveaways etc. You can find that here: “Jamie’s VIP Beauty Group
My LimeLight website you can find here: https://www.limelightbyalcone.com/jamieblackwell

I’ll also share big announcements and/or news about LimeLight on this blog. 😀 I’m excited and I can’t wait to see where this company takes me!


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