10 Awkward Things That Happen When You Drive an Unfamiliar Car

Well the good news is I have a new car. Not a new car but a car that is not super old and that is new to me. 7 months into my new single mom life I finally have a freaking car…. and I’m just now realizing it’s been around 5 years since I really drove on a daily basis. I work from home, my son wasn’t in school, and my mother was my shopping buddy since she had a nice big SUV. I’ve driven in the past 5 years but I can say with certainty that I definitely have not put gas in a car… in at least 5 years. So not only was that a comical event for me today… several other awkward moments were had while I was getting used to my new set of wheels.


1. Slamming the breaks. While this car isn’t new new, it’s still a heck of a lot newer than any car I’ve ever owned. Up until this point all I’ve ever driven were cars at least 10 years old that had worn in breaks. So when I hit the brake pedal I slammed to a halt.
2. Slamming the gas. Pretty much the same problem as the first. I’m pretty sure I scared some people when I burst out onto the main road.
3. Rolled down the wrong window. Several times.
4. Accidentally honked at 3 different people who did absolutely nothing wrong and looked at me like I’m a jerk. Note to self, this cars horn is in the middle of the steering wheel so you can’t lean on that part like you did in your old car. I don’t even know why or how I started resting my arm across there.
5. Had to peek out the window at a red light to find out which side of the car my gas tank was on.
6. For a brief moment I couldn’t figure out how to get the gas cap off.
7. I drove several feet with the emergency brake on.
8. Momentarily couldn’t find the gas gauge.
9.Pressed the wrong buttons while trying to put the fan on and/or change the music station.
10. Parked directly over a muddy puddle and ruined my shoes.

I swear I didn’t hurt anyone.


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