Road Trip Activities for Kids! (Video)

Our vacation may be 2 months away but it hasn’t stopped me from beginning the packing process! I’ve been gathering up supplies for the first big trip I have taken in 9 years. I’m not going to tell you where we are going just yet, I want you to see what I’m packing and then guess in the comments! Don’t worry I’m fairly certain everyone can easily tell just looking at the things I’ve got here.

Today I want to share with you the activities bag I have put together for our road trip to ____. Lets just say it’s quite a ride to get there and even longer with a 4 year old in the car. Entertainment is a must. My son usually does quite well in the car, it doesn’t take much to keep him happy, but this will be the longest car ride he’s ever been on. So without further ado, here is what I packed for him to have in the car.

Lets star with things to color/draw with. Crayola is just amazing and makes my life so easy. I found a black and white dry erase board with dry erase crayons. My son doesn’t usually play with dry erase boards so this will be new and exciting for him. (I hope anyway!) I also purchased 3 Crayola Color Wonder books, one of which came with the special markers. These are great because the color only shows up on the special paper. Another great thing I found while at Target recently (which is where I got most of these things by the way) were $1 “Grab and Go” activity packs. They have a small set of crayons, stickers and coloring book in each one. Lastly I found the most awesome sticker book ever, It has several pages of scenery and then something like 5 million stickers to decorate those pages with. (I honestly can’t remember how many stickers but I assure you it’s a lot. You’ll see in the video.) I love this because it gives him a place to put the sticker and be creative without sticking them all over the car!


Toys! I found a ton of marked down toys at Target also. I haven’t let my son see any of these yet, that way when we get in the car they will be a fun surprise. New things tend to hold his attention longer. Which I’m pretty sure is true for most kids!


Learning can be fun too and my son is really enthusiastic about flash cards, so I got a few sets of those as well. Luckily the car we are riding in has a built in DVD player so we are bringing some DVDs that go with the place we are going. Hint Hint. Oh and don’t forget to bring plenty of snacks and drinks. I show some of our themed snacks in the video but I also plan on taking things like peanut butter sandwiches and fruit with us. I can’t make those this far ahead of time though!

Well I hope you liked this post! Let me know in the comments below and also tell me if you know where we are headed! PS: Subscribe to my youtube channel for more videos and blog posts like this one!


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