Baby Doll Penis Gets Backlash From Parents

This doll found at Toys R Us doesn’t advertise it but they baby is equip with an anatomically correct body part and for some reason it’s pissing off parents all over the place. That’s right, this baby boy doll has a penis. Now don’t cover your ears and eyes and run screaming from the room all at once. Seriously, this is a big deal… right?

Actually no, I don’t think it is. I never did understand why none of my dolls were full human beings. What does it say about our culture that we teach our children to pretend these parts don’t exist until they are 12 and too embarrassed to talk about it?


This doll is actually pretty cool, you can feed him and then he cries when he’s wet, then you can change his little diaper. What’s so wrong with that? A child isn’t going to see it as sexual, he or she will be taking care of their baby boy like grown ups do. You might have to just suck it up and explain to your child that boys have a penis and girls have a vulva. Welcome to parenthood.

Do you agree or disagree with anatomically correct baby dolls? Would you buy one for your child? Comment with your thoughts!



  1. They had anatomically correct babies for ages…I think it is fine for a child to know that boys and girls are different…could be a conversation starter for those parents that don’t know what to say.

  2. I don’t see the problem! Their gonna see the same when they have real kids! Its suppose be treated like a real baby…it’s more realistic with actual body parts!

  3. Oh come on! Kids see sexualized things on tv, at the mall, in magazines, etc., heck even kids clothes are getting sexualized, yet a doll with a penis (in a completely none sexual way) is a big deal? Just because something has a penis or vagina it does not make it sexual!! Private parts do not automatically equal sex! There are some dirty minded parents out there my gosh! Barbie (a grown woman) has boobs, but no one puts up a fuss about that! These parents are overthinking this! If anything, its a great way to open up a discussion with children about the human body! I’d rather talk to my kids about sexuality and private parts than have them learn it later at school in a negative way!

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