Owl Magnets from ‘The Painted Tree Shoppe!’

I never win prizes from online giveaways or contests… so I was pleasantly surprised that after giving a retweet on Twitter to a random giveaway, I had actually won! I’m not going to lie, I didn’t put much thought into this retweet. I pretty much retweet anyone who asks me to so I didn’t really look too far into it… I didn’t even know what the prize was! As it turns out I was to receive these adorable little owl magnets from ‘The Painted Tree’ on Etsy. 


They are made of polymer clay with hand painted acrylic paint details. They are protected forever by a durable finishing glaze. A heavy duty ceramic magnet is permanently affixed to the back of each owl.” –ThePaintedTreeShoppe

Creator Katie Peluso even sent me a very sweet hand written card along with my prize. I can clearly see that she puts a lot of love and work into these beautifully detailed pieces. I will most likely end up enjoying these magnets on my filing cabinet in my office, but they would also be great for refrigerators or lockers.


 Make sure you take a look around Katie’s Etsy store HERE. Also like her on Facebook HERE. (Thank you very much Katie!)


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