Owl Magnets from ‘The Painted Tree Shoppe!’

I never win prizes from online giveaways or contests... so I was pleasantly surprised that after giving a retweet on Twitter to a random giveaway, I had actually won! I'm not going to lie, I didn't put much thought into this retweet. I pretty much retweet anyone who asks me to so I didn't really … Continue reading Owl Magnets from ‘The Painted Tree Shoppe!’


Jalapeno & Honey Grilled Chicken Strips

Summer time is all about grillin and let me tell you, I've really embraced that this year. I always left the grill cooking up to the men but now it's my turn and I am loving it! Which is why I'm sharing with you my most recent culinary masterpiece! Jalapeno & Honey Grilled Chicken Strips. … Continue reading Jalapeno & Honey Grilled Chicken Strips