Jewelry in Candles Reveal


I finally got my ‘JIC’ candle! If you purchased from ‘Jewelry in Candles’ during November 2013 you probably experienced the same problem that I and whole bunch of other people suffered through as well. The company was blown away by their sudden success and Christmas rush. They were so overwhelmed with orders that they had to move to a bigger facility, hire more people and pump up their production. While it was amazing news for the company, the customers had to deal with a long wait due to the delay in shipping. Fortunately though these products are worth the wait. I felt like Christmas had come early as I ripped open box and tore through the bubble wrap.


It took several hours for my candle to melt enough wax to reveal the jewelry surprise inside. In this candle I found a gold necklace with a round flat pendant. Unfortunately it’s not “real.” I’m not really disappointed though. While some jewelry found in JIC products can be worth up to thousands of dollars, I figure that a lot of it will be average $10 pieces like this one. I do think the necklace is pretty and I will wear it often! The experience was worth the wait. I got a large, great smelling candle and a cute piece of jewelry too.


All in all I am very happy with the products and I can’t wait to get more and to share them with you! My next purchase will definitely be wax tarts. I love using the tart warmers I already own and I’ll be able to get to my jewelry a lot faster!

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One thought on “Jewelry in Candles Reveal

  1. thecandlejunkie says:

    I love the piece of jewelry you found in your candle! I’ve also tried these out a fair bit and they are one of if not my favorite brand for ring candles.

    You tend to hear some things calling it a scam and wondering how it can make sense to put a piece of jewelry worth $1000+ in a candle but that is kind of the fun it it.. They obviously can’t afford to put that in every candle but with the profit margin on a $25 candle with costume jewelry in most, they can afford to throw a very nice one in a few, but it will all come down to the luck of the draw!

    The quality of the candles were really good I found as well, but it’s not for everyone. I’m sure some people would be more happy grabbing a cheaper candle and picking out a full priced piece of jewelry. Even still though.. Bath and body works candles aren’t exactly “cheap” either,and they perform similar.

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