Christmas Tree Decorating 2013

It’s that time of year again!

I don’t know what it is but it really feels like everyone is in the Christmas spirit early this year. It usually takes me a few days after Thanksgiving to convince my husband to fish our tree out of the storage unit… but this year he went right over and got it after Thanksgiving dinner. I was shocked. He had Holiday music on all day and all evening. Even other members of my family have their shopping done and everything already. Presents wrapped and ready to go.


Maybe it’s because we all really need something happy to look forward to this year… there have been a lot of ups and downs for all of us. Not gonna lie… mostly downs, but regardless of the reason I’m really happy that everyone is so excited. Me on the other hand… I’m always this excited for Christmas! 

I absolutely LOVE decorating the tree. Especially since I bought this fabulous tree last year. No more 8 foot plastic tree that you have to attach EVERY SINGLE branch to. This one is probably 6 ft and comes in 3 pieces, it’s got lights on it already and it takes just one cord to plug it in. Set up takes literally five minutes and it’s ready to decorate. Anyone who lived through the HOURS of separating branches by size, attaching them, and then stringing 4 strands of blinky lights and using too many extension cords will understand why this makes me so happy.


I decided to play around with my camera a little bit while my son decorated the tree, I really have never figured out all the settings on my camera. I’m still working with a standard point and shoot camera. (It will have to do for now) So I took some close ups of our favorite decorations and thought it would be nice to share them!

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