Christmas Tree Decorating 2013

It's that time of year again! I don't know what it is but it really feels like everyone is in the Christmas spirit early this year. It usually takes me a few days after Thanksgiving to convince my husband to fish our tree out of the storage unit... but this year he went right over … Continue reading Christmas Tree Decorating 2013


Jewelry in Candles Giveaway

- NOW CLOSED - 1 FREE JIC candle of your choice. Winner will choose the scent and the type of jewelry that will come inside the candle. JIC 21oz candles are 100% Soy wax. The jewelry surprise found inside can be worth up to thousands of dollars! What will you find? Click HERE to enter … Continue reading Jewelry in Candles Giveaway

My 1st Organizational Series – 3 Year Old’s Room Makeover

Welcome friends to my very first blog post and my very first organizational series! When my son, Cole, was nearly 3 years old I decided to give his room a makeover. He's not a baby anymore and he's starting to love super heroes and Cars and all sorts of other cute little boy things. We … Continue reading My 1st Organizational Series – 3 Year Old’s Room Makeover